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Very Small Business Support Programme
This program has been developed to provide ongoing support for start-up, sole trader and very small businesses with up to three people.

The program is designed to develop and support the implementation of your Business Management Plan containing a summary of your business history to show where it comes from, and an analysis of the present state of your business, to set the scene and establish the foundations. The Plan then identifies where you, as the Business Owner, would like to be in several years, and identifies the key milestones along the way. In this way the Plan sets directions, and identifies tasks to be undertaken in order to achieve your target milestones.

Once the Plan has been prepared and agreed, the VSBP sets out to provide you with telephone and E-Mail access to the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the goals of your Plan. This is monitored and supported by quarterly face-to-face meetings with your advisor, at which you will have the opportunity to discuss and review opportunities for your business, and update and amend your Business Plan. If you need specific advice or guidance on particular items in your Business Plan or Action list, we can arrange for your quarterly review to be taken with one of our experts in the business area you wish to discuss.
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