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Business Management Support
Many people seem to think the purpose of a Postillion is to be struck by Lightning.

In practice the Postillion was the man with spare horses held in a stable by the difficult spots in the road, to help speed the mail and passenger coaches on their way. This would generally develop into a break-point in the journey for the driver and passengers to pause on their journey, eat, refresh themselves etc. Over time this would develop into a Coaching Inn, Services, Trading facilities, and maybe eventually a small town would grow as people took advantage of the business opportunities.

POSTILLION Business Management Support has been developed to meet the needs of modern small and medium-sized businesses; to provide the opportunity to pause, take stock of the situation, and refresh their ideas and skills ready for the next stage of the journey. As the old-time POSTILLION would have spare horses ready to help take the strain, we have experienced business experts ready and waiting to help you through the tough stretches on the business road.

We have two programmes of support and advice for Business, both using teams of experts with skills and experience drawn from many years at senior positions in business. Our Very Small Business Program (VSBP) is designed for companies of three people or less, Sole Traders and people starting their own business. Our Small & Medium Business Program is more suited for established businesses of four or more people, who want to grow, expand their market or expand into new markets.

Whichever size of business you have, we have expert advisors who can help you through to growth and success, people who have been there, fought the battles and have the skills and experience to help your business to grow.
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