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Integrate the web into your marketing strategy.

Instead of the web site being an afterthought it can now be fully integrated into your marketing strategy because it no longer depends on other people to implement changes. The people who develop the strategy can implement it on the web immediately.

  • Lead time is reduced.
  • Immediacy is gained.
  • Communication is improved.

    The quality of communication available with build-a lets you use the web to communicate with remote staff more effectively and securely than has ever been the case in the past. Using a secure area for field sales support enables you to deliver the latest sales messages and product support within minutes of completing the design. Documents, ideas, solutions to problems can all be delivered into the hands of the field salesman.

    This process of integration can:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Increase promotional returns
  • Collect feedback

    more effectively than ever before. By using build-a to control your website you can join the front line of the information economy. And its easy to do. Just call us now and we will tell you how we can convert your website for company control by people who understand the business not people who understand the technology.
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